About Me

I build computing infrastructure.

I founded a company called Solinea that helps clients do this too. As you can imagine from my blog content, Solinea focuses on clouds and specifically OpenStack.

I used to do this for clients of Cloud Technology Partners (cloudTP), where I led their open source cloud infrastructure efforts. Before I joined cloudTP, I served as Director of Cloud Development for a cloud service provider (Internap Network Services), where I led the engineering efforts for their public cloud. In the distant past, I worked at Sun Microsystems as a Principal Engineer, Technical Director and Chief Technologist.

Along with my normal work duties, I have also authored a few books, written some code and done a bit of public speaking and press interviews.

I can be hard to pin down in person sometimes, but it's not difficult to find me online:

  • email
  •  Twitter (twitter.com/ken_pepple)
  •  LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/kenpepple)
  • Amazon Author Page Ken Pepple's Amazon Author Page
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  •  GitHub (http://github.com/slashk)