About Me

I develop platforms, build infrastructure and run site reliability engineering. I’ve created and led teams in these areas for autonomous cars (Cruise) and ridesharing (Lyft) companies.

I co-founded a startup called Solinea that helped clients with cloud native applications. Before that I served as Director of Cloud Development for a cloud service provider (Internap Network Services, INAP), where I led their initial development efforts for their OpenStack public cloud.

In the distant past, I worked at Sun Microsystems as a Principal Engineer, Technical Director and Chief Technologist for various business units.

Along with my normal work duties, I have also authored a few books, written some code and done a bit of public speaking and press interviews.



Deploying OpenStack
Ken Pepple
O'Reilly Media
August 3, 2011 (ISBN #978-1449311056)
Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: The Discipline of UNIX-to-UNIX Migrations
Ken Pepple, Brian Down and David A. Levy
Prentice Hall PTR
November 15, 2003 (ISBN #978-0131502635)
Consolidation in the Data Center: Simplifying IT Environments to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
David Hornby and Ken Pepple
Prentice Hall PTR
September 29, 2002 (ISBN #978-0130454959)

Conference Presentations and Panels

  • OpenStack Day Ireland “Managing OpenStack in the Enterprise”, June 2016 (Dublin, Ireland)
  • OpenStack Summit Tokyo “The Media Talks Back to OpenStack”, October 2015 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • OpenStack Summit Portland, “OpenStack Grizzly Architecture 101”, April 2013 (Portland)
  • OpenStack Summit San Diego “Network Virtualization: The Next Big Thing ?”, October 2012 (San Diego)
  • OpenStack Conference San Francisco “Cloud Operators on OpenStack Networking”, April 2012 (San Francisco)
  • Trend Spotting in Tech Conference “Evolution of the Data Center in an Open World”, January 2012 (San Francisco)
  • OpenStack Conference Boston “Service Provider Discussion Panel”, October 2011 (Boston)
  • IDC Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Conference “Preparing For The Enterprise Cloud”, March 2009 (Singapore and Seoul, South Korea)
  • The Open Group Conference “Cloud Computing”, May 2009 (Beijing, China)
  • CommunityOne, “Practical Cloud Computing Patterns”, June 2009 (San Francisco)
  • Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit, “Transforming your Data Centre: It’s more than just reducing TCO”, April 2007 (Sydney, Australia)

Interviews & Press

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