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This page lists the various writing, presentations and interviews that I have done over the years.


Deploying OpenStack

by Ken Pepple

Published August 3, 2011 (ISBN #978-1449311056)

OpenStack was created with the audacious goal of being the ubiquitous software choice for building public and private cloud infrastructures. In just over a year, it's become the most talked-about project in open source. This concise book introduces OpenStack's general design and primary software components in detail, and shows you how to start using it to build cloud infrastructures.

Consolidation in the Data Center: Simplifying IT Environments to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

by David Hornby and Ken Pepple

Published September 29, 2002 (ISBN #978-0130454959)

This book presents the case and methodology for optimizing your computing infrastructure through proven consolidation techniques. It steps you through the consolidation process from the initial business justification, through project planning, architecture, deployment, and management.

Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: The Discipline of UNIX-to-UNIX Migrations

by Ken Pepple, Brian Down and David A. Levy

November 15, 2003 (ISBN #978-0131502635)

This book presents an established methodology for transitioning the people, processes, and technologies in IT environments to the Solaris™ Operating System. It steps you through the various phases of the migration process, using detailed case studies to illustrate the benefits, costs, and requirements associated with a migration project.

Conference Presentations and Panels

  • OpenStack Summit, "OpenStack Grizzly Architecture 101", April 2013 (Portland)
  • OpenStack Summit, "Network Virtualization: The Next Big Thing ?", October 2012 (San Diego)
  • OpenStack Conference, "Cloud Operators on OpenStack Networking", April 2012 (San Francisco)
  • Trend Spotting in Tech Conference, "Evolution of the Data Center in an Open World", January 2012 (San Francisco)
  • OpenStack Conference, "Service Provider Discussion Panel", October 2011 (Boston)
  • IDC Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Conference, "Preparing For The Enterprise Cloud", March 2009 (Singapore and Seoul, South Korea)
  • The Open Group Conference, "Cloud Computing", May 2009 (Beijing, China)
  • CommunityOne, "Practical Cloud Computing Patterns", June 2009 (San Francisco)
  • Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Centre Summit, "Transforming your Data Centre: It's more than just reducing TCO", April 2007 (Sydney, Australia)

Interviews & Press


  • SEM-PT301 - Solaris™ Principles: Performance and Tuning Secrets: Co-authored performance tuning and capacity planning 2 day course for Sun Education. Conducted class approximately 20 times in 1999-2001.