The Tenrec Rises: Deploying OpenStack, Havana Edition

Posted on 06 Nov 2013 in openstack

During the summer of 2011, I wrote a book for O'Reilly. The "tenrec" book was meant to be a short 50 page treatise on a new open source project called OpenStack.

Afterwards, I swore to never to write another book again. Three books was definitely enough.

Deploying OpenStack, Havana Edition

However, late last week I pushed the final change to the first half of the second edition of "Deploying OpenStack". This release of the book is different from the first edition:

  • It is based on Havana, not Cactus
  • It is bigger and will probably end up around 300 pages
  • It covers all the core OpenStack programs, even the newly introduced OpenStack Heat and Ceilometer

This is a early release (or rough cut edition), meaning this release has the first four chapters of the book. Purchasing the book now gets you early access to the manuscript in its unedited form and updates via eBooks whenever it is updated. You can buy it now at O'Reilly website or read it online at Safari.

The second half is being written now and is scheduled to be completed in early December.