OpenStack is "... a collection of open source technologies delivering a massively scalable cloud operating system." I've patched a few bugs, coded a few enhancements and created some documentation for the project. Most of my work have centered on Nova (compute) but I have also dabbled with the OpenStack Dashboard (Django powered web interface) . You can see most of my code contributions on Launchpad and read my blog posts here.

I use Wek LLC's Prowl for sending notifications to my iPhone constantly. To support my unhealthy obsession, I've upgraded a python library (prowlpy) and ruby gem (prowly) use the newest revision of the Prowl API (version 1.2) and created a collection of scripts for others to use.

Since iPhone users shouldn't be the only ones with the joys of ad-hoc notifications, I wrote the ruby-notify-my-android gem. It duplicates the functionality of the Prowl libraries above, but works with the Notify My Android application on Froyo or newer Android devices.

MTBcalendar is a free service for discovering, organizing and sharing your mountain bike racing season. I created this Ruby on Rails webapp during the 2007 Christmas holiday to complement my long running NorCal MTB Racing blog. I'm hoping to opensource the code for this once I get a chance.

This is a little Mac OS X Dashboard widget which lets you see regional MTB race calendars from the MTBcalendar website on your desktop. It is written in Javascript with Appleā€™s Dashcode and some jQuery. You can download or learn more about this at the MTBcalendar Dashboard Widget page.