Custom iPhone Notifications with Prowl

On of my favorite iPhone feature is push notifications. However, only a few applications use these well (ESPN ScoreCenter, AP mobile, Twitter, etc.) and I’ve always wished I could write my own without creating a full blown iPhone application. Enter a simple application called Prowl. Prowl is a Growl client for iOS that pushes notifications to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with a simple API. To send yourself custom push notifications, you’ll first need to buy Prowl for your iPhone (around USD$2. [Read More]

Configurable Instance Types For OpenStack

Over the past three weeks, new Nova core developer Josh Kearney (congrats @jk0) and I have been working on adding runtime configuration of instance types (read the full specification) to the¬†OpenStack Nova compute service. Instance types (or “flavors” as Rackspace calls them) are resources granted to virtual machines (“instances”) in the Nova cloud. In more specific terms, this is the size of the instance (vCPUs, RAM, Storage, etc.) that you will be launching. [Read More]